First reported in Florida in 2014, stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD) has now spread to the majority of reef tracts in the Caribbean. Considered highly infectious, it affects nearly 20 species of coral and causes affected individuals to rapidly lose tissue that can kill entire colonies in a manner of weeks. Over half of the Florida reef tract has been affected by the disease since its discovery, and has shown no sign of halting.

The FWC along with many independent organizations and universities are actively working to collect and preserve as many varieties of the species in captivity as possible to ensure that reefs in the future can be reseeded with these animals along with ensuring their survival as a whole. 10% of every purchase of the SCTLD tee will go to the Coral Restoration Foundation, an organization that actively works to restore and conserve Florida’s reef tract.

Printed on a 6oz steel colored standard fit short sleeved cotton tee.