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Sargassum is a floating species of brown algae that grows and travels within the majority of the Caribbean. Carried by the tides and winds, it periodically washes upon shorelines across the Atlantic. However, in the past decade blooms of this algae have been seen to drastically increase, with the bloom in 2018 recorded to be over 5,500 miles in length; roughly 20 million tons of biomass. This massive increase in Sargassum is believed to be fueled by increased availability of nutrients caused by runoff from rivers and coastlines, which can be caused by agricultural fertilizers, human and animal waste, as well as lack of filtering that would occur naturally in forested or estuary habitats. Large blooms of sargassum can smother beaches, seagrass bed, and coral reefs as they are pushed inland.

Miami Waterkeeper is an organization that actively informs the public on ongoing water quality issues and actively fights to ensure that South Florida waterways remain pristine and healthy. Localized efforts to maintain clean waterways directly reduces the runoff that feeds these blooms. 10% of every pyrchase of the Sargassum tee directly goes to this organization.

Printed on a 6oz forest green short sleeved standard fit cotton tee.