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Plastic waste has become ubiquitous in the ocean, being found in one form or another in the majority of ecosystems, so much so that plastics have formed their own environments, hosting unique bacterial communities. Microplastics are commonly found inside the guts of marine life, spanning from plankton to whales. Huge swathes of the Pacific Ocean’s surface, some as large as Texas, are covered in plastic. A lot of the waster returns to coastlines, and can suffocate, constrain, and kill wildlife in and out of the water. Plastics can take thousands of years to break down completely, and because of this its usage over the past century has led to this massive accumulation.

Miami Waterkeeper is an organization that actively monitors the coastlines of South Florida and regularly organizes and brings attention towards beach cleanups. 10% of every purchase of the Plastic tee will go directly towards this organization.

Printed on a cream 6oz standard fit short sleeved cotton tee.