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Man is the dream of nature, a mold that takes shape from the forms of others. Humans have evolved through a consumption of nature, both by inspiration and form. As a result our development is dependent on resource, of which we now consume unsustainably. Our consumption is a reflection of our instinct, one set by nature itself, but it leaves us incredibly limited. To continue to survive, we face a need to preserve, to supersede extinction. The actualization of humanity is the full assimilation of nature, a collection of all knowledge. Our potential then is dependent on preservation of whats left, so that the the spore of life can light new paths towards the unknown. Let nature be the dream of man: a reflection of itself, furthering its grasp towards unimaginable heights.

Coral Morphologic is an organization that works to study and bring light to the developing urban ecosystems along Miami’s developed waterways, along with the fauna that has developed to survive in these conditions, in order to potentially help suffering ecosystems that are facing human pressures, as well as understand how marine life may survive as these pressures continue. 10% of every purchase of the Natura tee will go directly to this organization.

Printed on a 6oz, standard fit black short sleeved shirt.