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A study published in 2003 affirmed that within 30 years coral cover on Caribbean reefs decreased by a staggering 80%, from an average cover of approximately 50% around 1970 to 10%. This decrease has been attributed to the proliferation of coral disease affecting settled colonies as well as a reduction in recruitment (new corals colonizing reefs) on the existing reef tracts. No such study has yet to be completed to assess the current status of coral cover in the Caribbean, but it is likely that cover has either stagnated or continued to be reduced.

The Coral Restoration Foundation grows and seeds South Florida reefs with a multitude of essential and endangered coral species, actively working to restore and preserve as well as organize local divers and communities to jointly educate others and improve the possibility for these ecosystems to thrive. 10% of every purchase of the Monolith tee will go directly towards this organization.

Printed on an 8oz long-sleeve standard fit black shirt. All orders will be shipped on Mondays.