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Batram’s shrub hairstreak butterfly, as well as the pineland petunia, both pictured, are species endemic, or unique, to the South Florida pine rockland ecosystems. This environment is characterized by a canopy formed by slash pines, a substrate primarily of limestone with very little soil, and seasonal fires. It is home to multiple endangered insects, plants, and other fauna that are found nowhere else on earth; the hairstreak butterfly is one such endangered species. Since the 1800’s this land has been severely reduced by urbanization and agricultural development with only 2% of its original range in Miami Dade County still existing outside of Everglades National Park.

The Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition is an organization that actively educates the public on this unique environment as well as actively challenging developers who aim to pave the Richmond Pine Rocklands, the largest remaining tract of this ecosystem in all of Miami Dade County. 10% of every purchase of the Mariposa Tee goes directly to this organization.

Printed on a yellow 6oz standard fit short sleeved cotton tee.