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Across the world, the myth of humanity's origin being shaped from clay is oddly common. Either by the hand of deity or supernatural force, man is shaped from the earth and made living. In such a belief, human and its surrounding environment are inherently tied, an idea that as time has gone on seems more and more obscured. In his essay "Conciousness and Meaning" F.J.E. Woodbridge defined an object that is known as one that has meaning. Value that is assigned to an object, in his argument, is an essential ability of consciousness. The living being is able to imbue meaning to the world around it, and in sharing that meaning can directly impact its value throughout the conscious world. Human consciousness regresses when individuals fail to recognize their ability to sculpt meaning and deny their potential to change previously ordained value to not only the inanimate world around us, but the biosphere we are meshed into as well. To be able to properly steer humanity towards a viable, sustainable mode of existence we must work towards redefining what we hold important at the individual level through action, education, and study.

The World Wildlife Fund is an organization that actively inspires the public and funds efforts to preserve and restore the quality and health of ecosystems worldwide. 10% of each purchase of the DEVO tee will go directly to this organization.

Printed on a 6oz, standard fit cream colored short sleeved shirt.